ŽĎAS, electric arc furnace

ŽĎAS, electric arc furnace

Behind the foundation of Zdar steelworks stands original plan to relocate the foundry Storek-Urks in Brno to another economically more advantageous location. Most favorable conditions for such a project offered Zdar nad Sazavou. The construction of new mill started in 1947.

A very new addition into the original concept of the tripartite steel-shop hall, which was formerly planned for Voestalpine mill in Linz, but dismantled and transported to Czechoslovakia within the post-war compensations. After the final installation of three arc furnaces was the manufacturing facility named as "Žďárské engineering works and foundries" finally, ZDAS in other words.

The production itself started on 28th of August 1951 by symbolic church-bell casting. The company had over 1000 employees in that time already.

Production is focused on three main sectors from the beginning: metallurgy components, tools and equipment for rolling mills.

The production range has not been changed even after sixty years on the field. Primary metallurgy is provided by three electric arc furnaces and following ladle and vacuum furnaces. Ingots up to weight of 21 tons are processed at three forging presses. Single casts capacity goes up to weight of 45 tons.

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