Lucchini RS Lovere

Lucchini RS Lovere

In the northern part of Lake Iseo, some remarkable industrial buildings are rising from the azure waters surrounded by high mountain peaks. It is the Lucchini RS steel plant in Lovere, which was relocated here in 1856 by the entrepreneur G. Andrea Gregorini from nearby village of Vezze d´Oglio.

At the beginning the works consided of two charcoal blast furnace, open-hearth shop, iron foundry and a forge.

The production of axles and railway wheels began in 1907.

The period from 1930 to 1987 was marked by restructuring and changes of ownership. These included ILVA (1930), Italsider (1961), Societa Terni Acciai Speciali (1982) and Lovere Sidermeccanica (1987). After privatisation in 1990 the plant was finally taken over by the current owner the Lucchini Group (Lucchini RS since 2008).

Lucchini RS is continuously modernising the plant and expanding production capacity. In 2010 with new wheel rolling mill and in 2012 with new axle and hoop forging plant.

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