KOVÁRNA, Hradec Králové

KOVÁRNA, Hradec Králové

The beginnings of the forge in Hradec Králové are dating back to 1869, when the engineering plant was founded in here. The production was primaly focused on repairs of various machines and manufacture of simple devices.

In 1874, the company became part of the Prague-based company "Märky, Bromovský & Schulz", thanks to which the plant was significantly extended including the very first forging shop in 1908.

The company became part of "Škoda Works" in Pilsen. During the Second World War the plant was incorporated into the German concern "Reichswerke Hermann Göring" and was nationalized right after.

The current forge (KOVÁRNA, a.s.) was put into operation in 1963 and is delivering the forgings and finished products for machinery production, production of bearings, chemical industry and nuclear power industry.

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