Fagersta Stainless

Fagersta Stainless

Fagersta is associated with industrial activity since 17th century, oldest records of forges and hammer mills are dating back to 1611. Hight quality ore, rich forests and easy access towater power made Fagersta soon an important metallurgical center of the country. In 1873 company Fagersta Bruk was founded and achieved international fame soon. The main manufacturing segment consisted of cast tubes and drawn wire from stainless steel. By the 1927 a blast furnace, Bessemer steel making shop and several rolling mills were in use here. These were modernized in 1943. German made rolling stand SACK in blooming mill is still active today.

Donwturn of iron and steel production occurred in 1979, when the blast furnace was tapped for the last time. Steel mill followed in 1985 and the production was switched to Degefors plant mainly.

Fagersta Stainless AB was founded in 1984 and operates a rod mill is made ​​of stainless steel currently.

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